Innova ITM4800 Reviews – Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion Table

Inversion Tables are one of the methods by which you can perform Inversion Therapy. We have got the Innova ITM4800 Reviews here; this inversion machine is unique in many ways!

ITM4800 combines the benefits of a standard inversion therapy, and also includes the therapeutic benefits of the Heat Massaging element added in here. We have got this for the review and will check out all the features that make it unique among other Inversion Tables. Let’s begin!

Innova ITM4800 Reviews

Innova ITM48000 is the newly released inversion table model, which is a heavy duty one. It comes with many new features on it, and this makes it stand apart from other tables. Now you can let your body experience the benefits of an inversion machine, along with the Heat and Massage therapeutic benefits.

Innova ITM4800 Reviews

We will begin with the features that make Innova ITM4800 – a Must Consider Pick of this year.

Heating and Massage Lumbar Pad

This Innova ITM4800 inversion machine is designed creatively. You will find all the basic inversion table features, and along with them, they have the Massage and Heating setting as an additional feature.

Massage comes in two different modes, one is the auto, and the other one is Manual. Therefore, if you wish to have a massaging experience after the inversion time, then check out this Innova ITM4800 that includes both the features for you.

With the help of the massaging feature, you will receive therapeutic benefits that are not received from a regular Inversion table.

Steel Frame Construction

Inversion Tables have to be built up with quality materials, as you are going to perform inversion on it! For good safety of the user, go for the best-inbuilt design only. This parameter is mostly checked in all the major inversion machines.

Coming to this Innova’s model, the framing is done with the help of stainless steel, and they are found to be heavy duty one. This Innova ITM4800 ensures the durability of the machine and helps you run it for a long period. One more point to note here – because of this heavy built quality, it is capable of handling 300 pounds weight.

The Triple Adjustment Setting

It has been termed as the True Balance System, where you are getting three adjustment settings, unlike other inversion machines which come with one or two adjustable features. With the help of this feature, you could experience the best comfortable and smooth inversion time.

Headrest pad, height, and finally the foot – these are the adjustable settings made available here. They help with getting the center of gravity rightly set.

5-Angle Pin Support

With the help of the 5-pin support, you can get the inversion machine set at five different angles. They are easy to handle and adjust settings. You just have to adjust the pin support and set the desired angle for inversion.

This Innova ITM4800 allows you to get the right angle, as well as it gives you the safety assurance while performing for the inversion. They also include one protective cover which is designed specifically for the keeping the pins secure for use. Thus you can choose from the five angle settings included, and go with the one that is convenient for you.

So these are the key features which build up to Innova ITM4800. Now we are going to check out the various parts of Innova ITM4800, along with a brief on each of them.

Innova ITM4800 Parts

They have included Therapeutic Heat Massaging along with the inversion therapy. Even a lumbar pad can be set up on this inversion for additional support and functionality. The massage comes in two different modes – one is the auto, and the other one is manual.

On the backrest, you will find the Energy Foam which is comforting, and they also have the padded removable head pillow. Even the handles come with the soft padding done on it.

You will find one Height adjustment tube just below the inversion seat, and its main purpose is to adjust the height as per the user’s need.

Pros n Cons

We will begin with the Pros, and then proceed with the disadvantages –

  • The main highlight of the product is the Level of Comfort provided on it. Soft padding on the handles, comfort foaming on the backrest, removable head pillow setting, and the list goes on.
  • Adjustable Safety Pin offers you the best support and keeps you safe replacing the old strap safety mechanism.
  • 300-pound capacity is not a small thing! This is the maximum weight that this Innova ITM4800 can handle.
  • Inversion with the added massaging and other therapeutic benefits.

Well, a product does include some drawbacks, let’s check them out for this Innova Inversion Machine.

  • Quality related issues have been reported against this Innova ITM4800 model. The materials used in the making has been found to be low on quality factor.
  • Bit heavy-weighted. This may cause some trouble while shifting the unit, otherwise does not cause many issues at all.

There you go! These are the Good and the Bad points about Innova ITM4800. Benefits overpower all the negatives here, and still, it is a class product for the investment made.

What’s your take on this Inversion table? Want to share your part of the experience with the Innova ITM4800? If yes, then comment them down in the feedback space provided. Follow us on Inversion Table for regular post notifications!