Facts of Inversion Table | Must Know Facts

So, probably you are aware of Inversion Table, or you may not have heard about this product before. This article is written for both the category readers, either you are known to this amazing invention, or you are new to this. You may ask, how is that possible?

If you are new to the Inversion Therapy, then we will provide you some brief about this. In the following section, we will list out the major Inversion Table Benefits which make the table worthy by all means. Coming to the other category readers who are already known to this product, can get an in-detail description of the benefits.

Benefits of Inversion Table – Facts that you Must Know!

In the inversion therapy, body rests in a position where the head is placed lower to the heart’s position. Head rests towards the floor direction, while the feet point towards the ceiling of the room. By doing so, you are decompressing your spine. Eventually, you will feel less pressure on the spine, and other discs in your body.

Benefits of Inversion Table

Not all the consumers can make use of the inversion machine. People suffering from heart-related ailments or any hypertension condition – consult your doctor before getting started with the Inversion Therapy.

For curing Body Pains

Inversion Tables make use of the reverse gravity! Gravity, in itself, does a lot of harm to the body. So, we can say that inverter tables help with converting all the drawbacks of the gravity and let it work for the betterment of the human mankind.

Some of the known inversion table benefits include reducing the back pain, stretching the muscles, improving the blood circulation, increases the focus, improves the body posture, and thus increasing the flexibility of your body.

Inversion Table for Back Pain – No need for surgery!

Gravity compresses the spine portion by a high amount. With the inversion therapy, you are in fact reversing the gravity and their bad effects on the spines. In this manner, you could decompress the spine which helps in creating space, makes you feel good and reduces the pain you are going through.

Inversion Table for Back Pain

During the inversion, the spine traction occurs due to the stretching of the spines. This reduces the pressure created on the discs – thus giving you relief from the back pain.

It is seen that user performing inversion at 60 degrees got the pain reduced after eight weeks of regular exercise. In this manner, the user won’t require the need for any surgery.

Inversion Table for Sciatica pain, Good for the spinal health.

Sciatica pain is not the name of the disease or the ailment. Instead, it is a condition or symptom which can cause different body related problems.

For the introduction to this, sciatica is known as the symptom of the leg pain. You may experience numbness or a tickling thing on the lower back portion, and it will go straight via the buttocks and spread till the back portion of your leg.

You can overcome this problem, by directly working on the spine health. This is now possible with the inversion therapy. Simple day to day activities like bending, sitting can create pressure on the spines, and this worsens the condition.

With the Lumbar support on the Ironman Gravity 4000 model, you can provide the Best Care to your Spine health. This Lumbar pillow is removable in nature, and mainly offers support to the lower back area.

The inverted table can be used for creating space between the spine portion, and this way you can reduce the pressure created on the discs. Pain in the herniated discs can be dealt with the inversion therapy.

Inversion Table for Neck Pain – Yes they rightly works!

If you are someone who does not pay much attention to the way you sit or stand, then this may lead to severe back and neck problems to you. Due to this, even the surrounding muscles get stiff, and after a prolonged period, you may find it difficult to get the correct posture.

Inversion Table for Neck Pain

During the inversion therapy, you are stretching your muscles and working on the compressed components. With the passage of time, you will feel some increased level of flexibility in the body, and this reduces the neck pain. It will work for you, and you can get the perfect posture back!

Inversion Table for Herniated Disc

In the human body, each of the vertebrae in the backbone is separated by a soft disc. These discs work like the shock absorbers and keep the bones in good condition. But with the gravity and continuous sitting, these discs get compressed with the gravity pull. In this manner, the discs get compressed – this eventually ends you with back pain.

Among all the Inversion tables, Teeter EP-560 remains the Top Recommended for dealing with the Herniated Disc. This is the only FDA approved table in the market.

The problem related to the herniated disc occur when the soft disc gets out of place between two vertebrae. In most cases, the doctors recommend the surgery option.

But with the help of Inversion therapy, you can cure this ailment by a significant amount.

Blood Circulation

This is one of the important functions which keeps the body engine running perfectly. There are n number of benefits which can be related to good blood circulation. Let’s check them out.

Useful for Effective Blood Circulation.

Because of the gravity, blood easily flows from the top portion to the bottom side. Talking about the inversion position, this task is simplified with the help of inversion machine. You don’t have to do any task here, just lay upside down the inversion process will take care of the remaining task.

As you go in the inverted position, the blood which has been pooled in one place gets in motion and travels to the heart portion. In this way, you can get the clean blood running near the heart location – thus giving the best kind of circulation for your body.

With the increase in the blood circulation, you can also remove the toxins and other harmful chemicals out of your body. This keeps your mind fresh as well as brings a unique energy to your day to day activities.

Maintain the Lymph system.

Among systems like heart, digestion, and other immune systems – you mostly skip on the lymphatic department running in your body. This is that department of your body which flushes out the toxins and other chemicals out from your body.

Due to the gravitational pull, all the lymphatic fluids are stored in the lower portion of your body. This gets accumulated, and this will eventually create problems for you like the varicose veins, etc.

If you do exercise regularly, then it can give the fluid to move from the bottom portion to the top. Otherwise, there is no other way the fluids move on its own, against the gravity.

With regular inversion process, you can get the lymphatic fluids back in action in the top portion of your body. This way, the complete lymphatic system could be maintained in the right manner.

Inversion Therapy as a Stress Buster

Each and every individual is in need of a stress buster! When we talk about the benefits of an inversion table, then we cannot simply miss out on this concept. You can deal with the stress in the perfect manner, but how does this inversion therapy help you? Find out.

Provides you the Best Sleeping time.

This is something which may be known to all of you, that with the inversion process you could have a sound sleep during nights. It is not scientifically proven yet, and there are no facts which can prove this statement at this moment.

Provides you the Best Sleeping time

When you perform inversion, you are relaxing your muscles. Effective blood circulation with highly oxygenated blood passing through your body, reducing stress levels may be the possible reason for the sound sleep.

Therefore, more relaxed muscle – it is more easy to fall asleep. This is the fundamental principle and reason behind those happy sleep.

Reduce all kinds of stress you are going through.

Good blood circulation and flexible body are ought to give you cool mind and make you less stressed. Inversion regulates the body hormones, but how does that happen?

All the glands working in your body including the pituitary gland, hypothalamus gland, and others get washed with best-oxygenated blood. The blood which has been rightly detoxified with the inversion therapy.

The other driving force is the reduction in the muscle tension. All this work gets done within seconds! That’s the best part of the inversion method. With just 10 seconds of inversion, you can get almost 35% of the muscle tension reduced.

Tips for Beginners: It is not necessary to perform inversion at right angles initially. Start with the basic angle, 20 and 30 degrees. There are many users who haven’t gone past 60 degrees ever. Thus, it is a personal choice of the user to opt for a particular angle. So, perform the inversion therapy in a safe and comfortable way. With time, you can gradually increase the angle.

Get the New and Best Version of You

Studies have shown that inversion therapy brings a new zeal into the user, and helps in enhancing the creative skills of you. We will understand this concept in detail.

Fills you with more Vigour and Energy!

Good Blood circulation, reduction in muscle stress, better lymph functioning (this is the organ which works with the removal of toxin elements from the body) & there are many other factors that help in keeping the body all charged up.

With better and clean blood circulation, you are not only getting all the components run efficiently for you but also getting all the chemicals thrown out of the body quickly.

In this way, you could be more energetic and could spend more quality time with your friends and family. You could also take part in different clubs, and other activities because of all the energy.

Transform into a Creative Person!

With improved blood circulation, your brain starts working more actively. This wakes up the creative part of the brain. It also transforms the way you deal your personal and professional life. With the inversion process, you are getting the blood travel all the corners of the body. This lets good quality blood reach the main vital parts of the brain. Finally, making you more creative and active throughout the day.

The Other Inversion Table Benefits

There are many connected inversion table benefits, some of them include the reduction in hip pain. As you perform the inversion, you can reduce the pressure generated on the muscle and even on the disc portion. This pressure is created by the gravitational force, and so inversion does the complete opposite of what gravity does to your body.

This way, you can get the pressure reduced on the herniated disc and make things simple and less stressful for you.

Lets you breathe easier than before. 

As you transform into the inversion position, you are making the diaphragm strong. With an efficient working diaphragm, you won’t need to put in high efforts with the breathing. Eventually, a good quality amount of oxygen enters the lower and the upper portion of the lungs.

breathe easier than before

Comparing both the portions, the lower part of the lungs is cleaner than the upper section. It collects all the oxygen and passes to other important components of the body including the brain.

So, good oxygen traveling to all the body parts with all the toxins removed – this will rightly deal with all those headaches.

The Less Known Benefit of Inversion Boards – for Digestion

The less talked Inversion machine advantage of all, but don’t worry we will cover all the important ones for you. When you perform the inversion process, the food which is the processed one travels through the small intestine, and then it moves to the large intestine. This movement is not as smooth as you an imagine, and with the help of the inversion therapy, you can get this done rightly.

This inversion therapy helps with removing old fecal matter stuck in the intestine and keep your system clean and toxin-free. Take the guidance of your physician for the correct guidance.

Mostly Inversion Therapy is performed using Inversion Table, but there are other alternatives which can be used instead of the inversion board itself. One of the popular alternatives is the Gravity Boot. You can set this boot on your leg and hang upside down. It is recommended to try out this procedure with some assistance.

Even Yoga offers you with all the key benefits obtained through inversion process.

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