Do Inversion Tables Work? The Good, Bad, And Risks

Inversion Table is one among the many alternatives methods of Inversion Therapy. They are found to be beneficial to some extent, but are they really good for an ordinary person like you and me?

There have been some controversies relating to the benefits of inversion machine. We will find out all the facts, and check out whether they are good for you or not.

Do Inversion Tables Work? The Good, Bad, And Risks

In the inversion therapy, the user rests in an upside down position where the head rests at a level below the heart. The feet point towards the ceiling, and it mainly cures all the bad affects of the gravity. This technique has been in use for a long time, and you can strengthen the spine as well as boost up all the muscle activities.

Do Inversion Tables Work

Are Inversion Tables Good for You

You are now aware of the Inversion Therapy, and how it is adopted. There are many alternatives which you can try out instead of the inversion tables. Studies and tests have shown that people have benefitted from the inversion therapy to some extent. This treatment does not eliminate the problem, but it reduces the intensity of the pain.

Keeping your body in an upside down position does not benefit all the people. Some people find the inversion position comforting, while there are others who have faced pain in the ankle and the knee position. There are these gravity boots which are set on the ankle portion, and the user hangs upside down.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Not everyone will enjoy being in the inverted style. Other than this, having a partner or companion is suggested while you are up with your inversion machine.

Coming to the Inversion Table benefits, it is found to be good for relieving the back pain. Along with this, you can improve the blood circulation, get your body more flexible, and even cure the varicose vein issue. With the improved blood circulation, you will find a unique zeal at work & also have creative thinking.

Resting your body in an inversion position offers these advantages, but there are certain considerations which are must to look before purchasing or trying the Inversion Therapy. This brings us to the Risks involved in the Inversion treatment.

Inversion Table Risks You Must Know

Not everyone can easily make use of Inversion Table, as there are certain health conditions that prevent from trying such techniques. Therefore, you must be aware of these conditions well before using the Inversion Machine. Let’s check them out.

If you have any circulatory or heart-related complication, then Inversion Therapy is a big NO for you. As you go in the inversion state, a high amount of stress is applied to the circulatory part. (Well this is beneficial and works rightly for those who are not having any heart or circulatory ailment.)

While you enter into the inversion state, you are generating pressure on the spine portion. This pressure works opposite to the compression of the spine, which happens naturally with the gravitational force.

One among the major risks with the inversion is the increase in the Blood Pressure. When you go in the inversion state, the heart rate slows down which increases the blood pressure. This improves the circulation of the blood at a rate higher than the usual. For someone having any heart disease, the inversion may turn out to be dangerous.

You may also feel dizzy and have blurred vision – if trying out the inversion therapy for the first time. Also, those who are having any eye disease must stay away from this upside down therapy.

Does Inversion Therapy Work

Even though the therapy is risky for some bunch of people, it has been used for many users. This treatment reverses all the bad effects of gravity on the body. With the head on the downward side, you are creating some pressure on the discs – which eventually relieves the pain caused due to the compression.

Well, it is a proven fact that inversions do benefit your body. We would like to give a brief on this.

Due to the decompression created near the spine portion, it helps in relieving the back pain on a temporary basis. It helps with improving the flexibility of the body and also corrects the body posture.

Another major benefit of Inversion is the improved blood circulation. Thus more amount of quality blood reaches out to different components of the body, thus increasing the body functionality.

Inversion Table Exercises

Studies have shown that in just 10 seconds of inversion, the user was able to drop the EMG activity by a 35%! Also, the pain relief procedure does not take much time for yours. But you need to perform all the exercises effectively, that’s the right way.

Other than this, many of the users avoided back pain surgery with the inversion therapy. Some of the basic exercises which you try out on the inverted table are listed below:

Inverted Crunch

Inverted Crunch

Rest in the inverted position, and place your hands on the chest. Now with the help of the abs lift the one-third portion of the top. Keep the lifting process on! This is the basic workout which is a must try for all.

Inverted Squat

So you are in the inverted position right now. It is time to get the hamstring and glutes into action. This is one among the challenging exercises performed on the inversion table. In this, you have to pull yourselves up and get the muscles working. It mainly works for those having lower back pain issue.

The Decompression

The Decompression

Getting the decompression done rightly is yet another vital point for all those looking for inversion benefits. With the inversion position, you need to grab the legs of the table and pull them downwards. It rightly helps with controlling the level of decompression that you wish to have. In short, you can adjust the decompression amounts by performing this technique.

The Basic of all – Sit Ups!

In the inversion position, get the arms stretched and reached out towards the feet portion, in a way that you are touching the toes. As per the health experts, one single inverted sit-up is equal to the ten regular sit-ups which you may perform.

Inversion Table Instructions

If you wish to get the benefit of any treatment, then you need to get it done in the right way. Otherwise, everything will go waste. The same goes with the Inversion too, getting it done in the right way should be the number one priority.

The steps for the Inversion Therapy using Inversion Board is given below:

  1. Get the height of the table adjusted as per your need. Your head must not hang on one edge in this. Instead, they must rest comfortably. Read all the manual details carefully as all the manufacturers have used different techniques for the construction.
  2. Set the proper angle for the inversion. It should be something which is suitable for you and is in your comfort zone.
  3. Start it slow on the inversion table. It is not necessary to be in the upside down position for a long time. You can be in a position for a 2 or 3 minutes duration, and then increase it up later.
  4. Stretching makes a lot of difference, so stretch as wide as possible while performing it.
  5. To get into the upright position back, just make use of the handles and lift your body up.

This was a simple step-by-step guide on how to use the Inversion Table by yourself. Still, it is recommended to have some company during the exercise.

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