11 Best Inversion Table Reviews of 2019 – Top Rated Picks and Guide

Are you in the search of Best Inversion Table Reviews? We have considered all the user preferences and selected the products accordingly. There are many options available in this product category, and it is pretty natural to get confused with the selection. User comfort, Quality performance, Price worthy – these are the main parameters considered by us.

Sneak Peek: Best Inversion Table for The Money

Our #1 Top Recommendation remains the Innova ITX9600 Inversion Table. They come with comfortable headrest and padded backrest, while the weight capacity of this table is around 300 pounds! Many more benefits included, read the complete review below. 

Looking out for the maximum weight capacity Inversion Table? Go with the Ironman IFT 4000! They could handle about 350 pounds of weight, and also comes with the unique FIR heating that gives unique healing to your body. This also helps with relaxing the muscles.

Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table stands the Best for all the beginners out there. Easy on the installation and handling, while they arrive with the maximum support features on it. To add more, this is the only FDA approved table for the muscle tension, herniated disc, back pain, and more.

Best Inversion Tables Review of 2019

You may feel that the Inversion Table is a modern concept, but that’s not the truth. It was all present at the 400 B.C time as well! Hippocrates, well known as the ‘Father of Medicine’ already discovered one device which could fix the broken bones, with the concept of stretching of the body parts. Therefore, the concept of Inversion Therapy all started during that period itself!

By the end of the article, you will be sure about the Inversion Table that you want to buy! So, shall we begin??

#1 Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table

Innova ITX9600 Inversion-Therapy Table

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Invert down your world with the Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table! They come with the stainless steel gauge tubing, along with a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Here the backrest is found to be extra long and extra wide for some additional comfort and support.

They have got soft foam rollers for ankle and heel holdings; these make the inversion smooth. There are soft foam handle bars, using which you can easily lift up and sit in an upright position. The frame of the table is foldable, and so you can fold it whenever you wish to store them compactly.

For making it more likable among consumers, they have added the adjustable headrest pad. There are in total three angles in which you can set the headrest while working on it.


  • This Inversion Table is known for the comfort and user convenience offered at its best.
  • You will get three adjustable settings on this table – headrest, foot, and finally for the foot.
  • Even the table can be folded in a compact shape, so making the storage quick and simple for you.
  • Here the Inversion Table comes with thick backrest padding.
  • The handlebars are made of soft foam, makes it comfortable for the user and even provides a firm grip.
  • You need to set the pin in the decline position that you wish to set. Later you need to note whether the position is convenient and consistent for you.


  1. Adjustable features: Well, not many inversion table support customization. But it is different on this device, as it has got three features which come with the adjustable nature. Headrest, foot, and height are these qualities.
  2. Compact storage: With the foldable feature, you can get the Inversion table folded up along the vertical bar.
  3. Backrest Padding: A thick padding is present on the backrest side, adding to the comfort level.


  1. Quality checks: As per a few user reviews, we came across the quality related issues for this Inversion Table.

It is advised to use this table only after consulting your physician, as it may not be suitable for some users. You will find the five-angle pin slot feature that ensures a secure and safe environment for anyone using it. Using the tube provided in the vertical bar you can adjust the height of the table.

One of the peculiar factors of this Inversion Table is none other than the adjustable features. Not many tables have this quality in them. But here, you will get quality functionalities along with the convenience and comfort. If you face any issue within one year of usage, then you can get the issue solved for free! – One year warranty.

#2 IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Inversion Table Review


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Ironman Gravity 4000 is built using durable tubular steel frame, and comes with a powder coated finish. Both the head and back rest is vinyl covered, and has got memory foam on the inside. This adds to the support along with the user comfort.

With an amazing weight handling capacity of 350 pounds, you will get to use patented ratchet ankle locking system. While performing the inversion process, the device needs to have the right kind of stability on it. For this reason, Ironman has been built using tough rubber, and they also have the non-skid floor stabilizers.


  • Major materials used in the making of this table – Foam, PVC, Steel.
  • Tubular steel on the frame, memory-foam on the backrest with the nylon covering on it. Don’t forget the powder finishing on the surface!
  • You can also fold this inversion table for storing it compactly.
  • The maximum weight handling capacity is given as 350 pounds.
  • With this table, you can bend and make an angle of 180 degrees safely.
  • There is additional support for Lumbar Pillow, for the lower body support.
  • Sturdy on the built side and this helps with reducing the back stress and improves the internal working of the body.


  1. Weight Capacity: These tables has got a capacity of holding a weight upto 350 pounds.
  2. Handles on the Inversion Table: You will find extra long safety handles on this table, and so you can use them for sitting back in an upright position.
  3. Right floor stabilizers added: There is rubber made non-skid support included on the bottom side of the table. With the help of these, you can prevent any motion while performing the Inversion process.
  4. Built Quality: They are built using steel, PVC, and other quality materials, giving a sturdy Table as the output.


  1. Missing components: There were many users who mentioned that they received the Inversion Table with one or the other missing element.
  2. There is nothing else which we found with this Ironman Gravity 4000 Table.

Here the backrest can be extended and comes with a Lumbar pillow for the lower body support. Angle locking ratchet system is Palm-Activated one, and this is a patented feature of this Inversion Table. You can get an inversion degree upto 180 degrees on this device. They support the folding, and so you can store it compactly.

Overall it is a great pick for all the current Inversion Tables in town!

#3 Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table

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As the product description says, you will get an unmatched support and comfort on this Teeter Inversion Table. The founder, Roger Teeter wanted to build a product which could make people more healthy and let them live life more actively.

There is a precision rotation on this inversion table, which can be controlled properly. With simple arm movements, you can control the body weight on the table, and could get back to the straight position quickly too. Coming to the materials used in the making, heavy-duty steel is used along with many patented features.

Some of the patented features include the locking hinges, pivot bearings for adding the durability, etc. You can trust on the Teeter products for the various safety standards, and the warranty it provides. They are giving a full 5 year warranty on this Inversion Table. Safe to use, and even easy on the installation end.


  • This inversion table has maintained a standard with the inclusion of many support features and other functionalities. One of them is the wrap around ankle cups which adds a great support for the user.
  • With the precision rotation, you can make the smooth rotation on this table. Then get back in an upright position with just simple hand movements.
  • It is an FDA-cleared table which is approved for all users with back pain or any other health condition.
  • This table is easy for the installation and comes with a five years warranty.
  • You can now have a better body as well as maintain good back condition with this Teeter Inversion Table.


  1. Easy to control and operate: You will get a unique control on the rotational feature, which makes the handling easy for the user. Just set the height on it, lock the ankles, recline and relax.
  2. Supports folding for storage: This inversion table can be folded up so that you could store it in a compact shape.
  3. Installation: Most of the parts come in a pre-assembled form. You will require a maximum of 15 minutes to get started!
  4. Trustworthy: All the safety and quality certifications make it a trustworthy choice for the buyers.


  1. Quality needs to be improved: As per some of the user responses, we came across a common issue relating to the quality checks. Considering the old models, the quality seems to be low on the latter models.

Considering the features, warranty, and other certifications; it is one of a kind of Inversion Tables you will come across. Price is a bit high compared to the other Inversion Tables, still we find it all apt for the performance and features included.

#4 Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam Backrest

Exerpeutic Inversion TableCheck Price on Amazon

Another product having steel frame built, comes with a powdered coating on the surface. To provide you the ultimate comfort, they have included vinyl covered foam padded backrest on the back and head areas. With the extra long handles you can lift up and come back to the upright position more easily.

Inversion helps a lot with relieving the stress and fatigue in the body. They also improve the blood circulation which removes any stiffness and increases the flexibility of the body. With just a 5 to 10 minutes of inversion, you can work on the lower body aches and reduce any pain in the body.

They offer secure ankle locking mechanism and comes with a weight capacity of 300 pounds. You can adjust the height of this Inversion Table with some simple settings.

You can invert and make an angle of 180 degrees on this Exerpeutic Inversion Table. They can be folded for compact storage; this even helps while changing the location of the device.


  • You can improve the back circulation with this Exerpeutic Table. Other benefits include reducing the body fatigue, good relaxation time, improves blood circulation, etc.
  • Here the frame construction of stainless steel is included for additional stability.
  • Another important point to note here is that the device is not static. It can even accommodate 300 pounds of user weight.
  • It has got a strong built quality and can be set at various angles.
  • The backrest is padded in nature, while the height is adjustable.
  • Here the handlebars are extra long and help you with quick upliftment. You can set back in the normal sitting position, with the help of the smooth connections.


  1. Height adjustment possible: There is a rod kind of thing which usually works with adjusting the height of the table. So, note down your preferable height, and then do the changes accordingly.
  2. Ankle Locking mechanism: You will get a combination of foam roller and the ankle cushions which are too easy to use. This ensures that you remain secure and safe whenever on the Inversion Table.
  3. Lot many benefits of getting it: Make the complete body active, reduces the stiffness and the increase the blood circulation all throughout the body.


  1. Rust condition: Well, that’s the only drawback that we came across on this Inversion Table.

One of the smartest choices that one can make while on the search of a quality and affordable table. With a super capacity of 300 pounds, this is one of the quality and effective products you will find in this price range. There is a manufacturing warranty included, but just verify all the details before proceeding with the purchase.

#5 IRONMAN Gravity 1000 Inversion Table

IRONMAN Gravity 1000 Inversion Table

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This Inversion Table is also made from durable tubular steel, and comes with a powdered coated finish on it. You can lift up and come back in the upright position more easily with the help of the extra long handles provided on it. Here the backrest consists of tough nylon product, which provides both durability as well as comfort to the user.

By performing 5 to 10 minutes of inversion, you will experience something new, and you will feel more energetic! One of the major benefits provided by inversion include relaxation to the mind, reduce the tiredness and makes your body more flexible.

You can make an angle of 180 degrees on this Inversion Table and can be folded for getting a compact shape as well. There are floor stabilizers added on the bottom side for preventing any movement while performing inversion. They support height adjustment, and it can support a maximum of 6 feet 6 inches.


  • This inversion table comes with a weight capacity of 300 pounds.
  • By adding some additional safety for the users, the makers have included extra long handles. Using them, you could get back in your normal position effortlessly.
  • They are foldable, so you can store them in a compact way while it is not in use.
  • You just need to spare about 5 to 10 minutes for getting all the basic benefits of Inversion.
  • There are non-skid floor stabilizers which help in providing the right grip during the exercise.
  • The built quality of the product is amazing, and it found to be pretty durable too.


  1. Compact Storage: With the folding bar included here, you can easily fold up the Inversion Table as and when the need arrives.
  2. Durability: Ironman products always make use of quality materials in the making. Thus it makes the inversion table more durable, and it will last longer.
  3. Health benefits: You can get all the tiredness and fatigue reduced with this machine. It can even make your body more flexible than before.
  4. Comfort at its best: With the secure ankle locking feature and the cushioning present here, the user can get the best comfort on this table.


  1. It’s heavy!: You won’t know the actual size of a device just through a picture. The same thing has happened here when we found out that the actual size of the table. You will need some assistance with the setup.

That was Ironman Gravity 1000 review from our side; it is a good choice for those who are looking for the best in budget kind of device. The weight is the only issue reported so far, otherwise it is a good to go product.

#6 Teeter Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit

Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit



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Next we have the Teeter Inversion Table, which comes with the ankle lock handle, and their extra long handles. They arrive with the stretching quality on the handle part, that makes the user to stretch in the best way. This adds a different level of assistance, thus the user can benefit in the best way.

This is a Health Canada as well as FDA approved the device, designed for making your muscles more stronger. Here the ankle lock handle is an extended one, along with the patented wrap-around ankle cups. Teeter Inversion Table also features acupressure nodes and the Lumbar bridge for additional support.

These Teeter Inversion tables have been certified by the Underwriter Laboratories as well. These tables are tested and approved for their rotational ability, ease of installation, and the long-lasting nature. Because of the high-quality materials used in the making, you can be assured of the durability provided by it.


  • FDA cleared, as well as Health Canada approved – are some of the certifications of Table.
  • The team has also included a back pain relief products along with the Inversion Table.
  • Here the handles are extra long and come with the stretching quality in it.
  • Inclusive of many patented security features like auto-locking hinges, pivot bearings, etc.
  • All the angles and other balancing is done with high precision.
  • Installation is a 5 step process and comes with a preset rotation on it.
  • With the traction handles you can perform oscillations on this table.
  • The whole table is foldable and can be stored compactly.


  • Compact storage: This inversion table can be folded up, and stored compactly.
  • Patented features add a highlight: It comes with many patented security features on it, including the cam locks, locking hinges, etc.
  • Warranty: Fantastic warranty of 5 years included with this Inversion Table.
  • Quality Support: The extra long handles and the ankle cups provides a good support to the user.


  • User Manual: Instructions are not explained clearly, and needs improvement. You may find it difficult to install the Inversion Table, by going as per the manual points.
  • Price is comparatively higher: Comparing the costs of other products, this Teeter is costly than most of the devices listed here.

Lot of additional features added along with the usual ones! But not everyone will find it reasonable, considering the cost of the Inversion Table. Otherwise its a good option that you have got, and the Teeter brand in itself assures you the quality.

#7 Gracelove Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table

Gracelove Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table

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The product name itself says that it is a Heavy Duty one. This is made possible with the high quality steel used in the making. Here the main framing is done using the steel, which is easy on the cleaning part. While the padding is done using nylon, and they are removable in nature. This makes the cleaning and maintenance easy.

Coming to the inversion style, they are found to be easy here. This table has got three positions and comes with the padded ankle clamps. These padded components help in providing control on the rotation and the inversion process.

The effectiveness of an inversion table mainly depends on the level of ease for the user. If it is easy to use, then the user can sweat a lot more than normal. You will also get the setting for height adjustment on here.


  • The main framing is done using heavy-duty steel; making the cleaning easy for you.
  • Here the height is adjustable and can be changed from 4 feet 10 inches – 6 feet 6 inches.
  • A major part of the padding is done using nylon, and they are also removable.
  • You can fold this inversion table for making space. Thus it gives you the benefit of compact storage.
  • Helps in reducing the stress, and it can deal the lower back pain.
  • You will get most of the elements pre-assembled. Therefore it is less with the installation procedure.
  • Improve your body posture with this Therapy Table.


  1. Adjustable: It offers the adjustment setting for varying heights. The height range can go as high as 6 feet 6 inches.
  2. Space saving model: With the folding feature added, you can easily transform it into a compact shape when it is not in use.
  3. Durability: The heavy-duty steel framing done offers a durable solution for you.
  4. List of benefits: Deals with any mental stress along with curing the lower back pain. It also makes the body more flexible and also increases the blood circulation.


  1. Machine fault: The product with some missing or broken component delivered. This is as per the review given by one of the Amazon reviews. This component was made of low quality plastic.
  2. No other issue reported so far: Other than this, we didn’t find any other issue related to this Inversion Table.

This product falls in the range of Inversion Tables in less than $150. So you can’t imagine having a lot many advanced features for a system in this price range. But we believe it is one of cool systems you can get at this price! Adjustable height, Space saving design, Simple Inversion!

#8 Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table

Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table

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Built with tubular steel frame, this Inversion Table comes with the powdered coated finish. On the backrest, they have made use of Carbon Fiber heating which gives a soothing experience to the user while inverting. Here the handles are extra long using which you can sit back in the upright position quickly.

You will find the molded ankle holder, and this provides the right kind of support and comfort to you. While you are not using this Inversion Table, you can fold the table in a compact shape.

There are three starting positions allowed on this, and you can perform inversion of 180 degrees.

With a support of 350 pounds weight capacity, almost any size user can make use of this table. You can control the stress level and even improve the blood circulation in your body with the inversion exercise. There are non-skid rubber stabilizers on the bottom side of the table legs, and they provide the grip while performing the inversion process.


  • This Ironman Inversion Table supports a weight of 350 pounds.
  • You can fold this table, and store it compactly while it is not in use.
  • There is one remote control included with this table, and the inversion table comes with a one year warranty.
  • You can cure strains, sprains, and you can even relax your muscles with the inversion mechanism.
  • The heating element included in this table does not have any electromagnetic influence or concern. It is completely safe to use.
  • Even the tiredness and backpain can be effectively dealt with this Inversion Table. It is a good option for improving your blood circulation.


  1. Compact Storage: This table can be folded, and so you can store it compactly.
  2. FIR Heating: FIR stands for the Far Infrared Rays heating, and they help with offering therapeutic and other health benefits to you.
  3. The LED display control: This is one of the unique features you have come across till now, for an Inversion Table. You will find this LED to the FIR heating.
  4. Fantastic weight capacity: 350 pounds is the maximum weight that this table can handle.


  1. Heating element: Users have mentioned about the heating element issue. They have called it ineffective and less reliable in quality. So we can hope to see some improvement in the next upgraded versions of Ironman Inversion Tables.

Ironman is a trusted brand in the world of fitness and therapy solutions. One of the unique benefits of this Inversion table is the inclusion of the FIR Heating – this is a heating therapy which helps in curing the back pain issues, and eliminate the discomfort of the traditional heating pads.

#9 Innova ITM4800 Advanced Therapeutic Inversion Table

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Innova brings to you the latest in inversion style of systems, along with the huge foam padding on the back pad and the head rest pad. They also have the lumbar pad which can be adjusted as per the requirement, like it can be set for massage therapy and also an isolated heat.

You will find the manual as well as automatic settings for the massaging purpose, thus giving you the best massaging experience ever in your home comfort. The five position side inversion adopted on this table replaces the old strap style inversion. It makes many of the inversion angles simpler than before. You could quickly try out additional positions, which you may found tough previously.

The U-shape holders provide the right kind of environment for making the comfortable inversions. While the foam made handlebars assist you with setting back in the upright position. You will get a folding support here, so you can fold it up when not in use.


  • They have made use of energy foam pad on the backrest as well as headrest area.
  • It supports five position inversion on here with replacing the old traditional inversion with the strap feature.
  • Here the handlebars have got soft foam padding done on it. You need to take hold on these handlebars for lifting up and setting yourself back to an upright position.
  • It comes with a one year warranty, so if you face any issue within this period, you can get them solved without any additional costs.
  • This Inversion Table is foldable, and it can accommodate a person with a maximum height of 6 feet 6 inches.


  1. Height Adjustable: You could now adjust the height settings as per your need. For this, you will be required to mark your height initially, and then set the table according to your height.
  2. Foldable: Here the framing is done in such a manner that you could fold up the inversion table. Thus compact storage is possible with this Innova Advanced Table.
  3. Built Quality: With the heavy-duty steel framing done on this Innova table, you are sure to experience a whole new level of inversion time. You will feel the difference by yourself!


  1. Heat and Massage: Both the heating and the massaging settings needs improvement.

That was our review for the Innova Inversion Table; and we found it much worthy of the cost at which it comes. Easy Inversion, 300 pounds weight capacity, heating along with the massaging! Considering all the features provide, the cost is much low in reality. You will be required to do some assembly, but that is all complete DIY kind of.

If you check this product on Amazon, then you will also get some offers on this – and easily make some more discounts on the actual price.

#10 IRONMAN High Capacity Gravity 3000 Inversion Table

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Wish to make inversions with a backrest fully loaded with the memory foam for the best comfort? This foaming helps you with providing the best kind of comfort, that is rightly needed while performing inversion. They have included extra long handles here using which you can get in the upright position effortlessly.

Here the ankle holders have been moulded, for providing comfort to the user. There is one inverting handle, which makes the inversion process effortless and you can invert smoothly. While this table is not in use, you can fold it up in a compact shape and store it. This makes it a Space Saver model.

Did you know Inversion works against stress? It even relieves the strain by providing pressure on the corresponding ligaments. The inversion exercise also eliminates the fatigue feeling, and the refreshes the mind of the user. With just a 5 minute inversion you can get the lower back pain solved by a great margin.


  • The main framing is done with tubular steel frame and comes with a powdered coated finishing on the surface.
  • Extra long handles help with getting back into the sitting position, conveniently.
  • Backrest comes with 2.5 inches of the foam cover on it. This is used for adding comfort during the inversion process.
  • For the compact storage purpose, you will get the option to fold up the Inversion table.
  • There are inverting handle grips that make the inverting more smooth and comfortable for the beginners.
  • Non-skid floor stabilizers prevent all kinds of movement while carrying out the inversion.
  • Ratchet Ankle locking features provides additional comfort to the user.


  1. Compact Storage: You can store this inversion table as it supports the folding along the framing. With the help of this, you can easily store the table in a compact manner.
  2. Health beneficial: Deal with stress, fatigue, and even work on improving the blood circulation. Improve the flexibility of the body by just performing 5 to 10 minutes of inversion.
  3. User Convenience and Comfort: Long handles, and ankle holders are some of the many features added for providing comfort to the user.


  1. Low Built Quality: That’s probably a serious issue reported against this Inversion Table. While some of the users found it difficult with the balancing on this. Therefore, the built quality is the department which needs the inspection and needs to be improved.

You may be wondering about so many Ironman systems included on our list, well they truly deserve the appreciation. Customer satisfaction is one of the important criteria which they consider. As they say, ‘Anything is Possible’.

#11 Ironman IFT 1000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table

Ironman IFT 1000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table

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We got the Ironman IFT 1000 model, which includes the Infrared Heating feature. Their main framing is done using tubular steel of the durability quality. While the coating is done with the scratch resistant powdered style. The backrest includes the Carbon Heating element, which helps with soothing your back during the inversion.

Ankle holders are in the molded form, adds to the comfort and ease of performing inversion. Here the maximum weight capacity is found to be 300 pounds. They can be even folded while it is not in use.

The FIR – Far Infrared Rays provides all the therapeutic benefits to your body. You can escape all the discomfort of the traditional heating, and get the advanced and comforting heating technique on this. Get your blood circulation back to normal with this product.

With this, you can get the stress reduced to a great level! There is one remote control included with this table, and it comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Tubular steel frame, with the scratch free powdered coating done on the surface.
  • It also has the long safety handles. Thus you can lift up and come to the upright position easily.
  • These tables are foldable, so you can store them in a compact manner while it is not in use.
  • For the F.I.R therapy, there is one LED display included for this.
  • 300 pounds is the maximum weight capacity which can be handled by this Ironman Inversion Table.
  • Handle the stress, and improve blood circulation in your body.
  • There is a comfortable ankle cushion present on this Ironman table.
  • You can adjust the inversion angle and even the foot restraints with less bending.


  1. Additional FIR Heating element: The Far Infrared Rays heating provides an additional soothing to the user who performs inversion. They even help with relaxing the muscles along with dealing the stress or fatigue.
  2. User benefits, health-wise: With this FIR heating element, you can get many therapeutic benefits along with the usual Inversion process advantages.
  3. Compact storage: The framing is done in such a manner that allows you to fold up the inversion table. This way you could store compactly while they are not in use.


  1. Quality needs improvement: We came across some reviews regarding some parts defect or component breaking. Quality of the inversion table needs to be checked and dealt with rightly by the Quality Control team of the Ironman brand.

With the improved blood circulation, you can also reduce any muscle pain too since you will have a good blood flow throughout the body.

There you go, these were our special picks for the Best Inversion Tables for this year. Among all the listed ones, Ironman brand is the most repeated one. So you can even check out the Best in this brand, as they provide Quality products for the users.

Benefits of Inversion Table

Inversion Table is used for the inversion therapy. In this therapy, the person rests in an upside down position which stretches the spine and acts rightly on the back pain. For all those people facing issues related to lower back pain, sciatica, low blood circulation can try out this Inversion therapy. Well, it is a proven treatment, but unfortunately, it is not a permanent cure.

You can get the pain reduced, and make your life more enjoyable and pleasing.

To be frank, Inversion table has got some benefits with it. We can make a table with a list of the main content. But we would like to explain you in the right manner, so let’s begin.

  • Pressure Relief for the Joints

After those tiring workouts, you might have experienced some pain in the joints. This can be reduced with some pressure relief which is possible through this Inversion Table. As per the experts, here with the inversion, you can stretch the muscles, and this helps with relieving the pain.

Other problems like the misalignment caused due to any games like golf, tennis, etc.

  • Helps with maintaining your height

It is believed that on an average, a person’s height is reduced by 3/4 inch from the wake-up time to the bed time. This is a fact that a person’s height reduces each day, though it is only by a fraction – still it happens. With the help of the inversion exercise, you can control this reduction in height by a certain amount.

The simple funda here is that inversion does the opposite by stretching out the spine portion of the body.

  • Blood Circulation

When we talk about blood circulation, then it is a process which goes against gravity. In the inversion process, you are helping out the body is circulate the blood in all the parts of the body. This way you can get the blood circulated effectively, and this automatically improves many other body functions. People have a problem with varicose veins can benefit from this blood circulation.

  • Usual Back Pain and especially the lower back pain

Full spine traction is what a regular inversion process actually does. With this spine traction, you are actually doing the reverse of which resulted into spine compression. With the stretching of the spine, you can reduce the pressure on the discs. In this way, the back pain reduces effectively with regular inversion.

  • Make you flexible and improves the posture

This is an add-on like a benefit. With the stretching of the spines, you are learning how to get the right postures with this. When you practice sitting in the right posture with keeping the back straight, then you are ought to make your body fit and more flexible than before.

  • Refreshes you, and keeps you creative

With the right blood circulation, your brain is receiving the needed amount of blood for the functioning. Also, the inversion allows the blood to travel areas where the blood was only getting collected before. When the correct flow starts, it is when the complete system gets into working.

Just like the lubricating oil which travels around the machine to make it run smoothly.

So, these are the benefits of using an Inversion Table. But to get the best out of this product, you need to use it correctly. We will check out the same in the following section on how to use an Inversion Table for curing a particular issue.

How to use an Inversion Table

An inversion table is mainly used for the dealing with the back pain. The principle of this product is to make use of gravity and then create traction in the pelvis and spine area, and they take the pressure off the compressed joints.

How much effective is this method and all is still unclear, but it definitely gives a temporary relief to the people having pain. Let us know check out how this table deals with a certain condition.

– Inversion Table for Back Pain

Set the table on a clear surface, and get yourself ready with the athletic shoes on. Get the straps on your body, and then keeping a hold on either handlebars, rest on the inversion table. You will be required to push through the straps to get the right inversion.

Get back to the horizontal position and rest for about 1 to 2 minutes in this same position. Keep increasing the angle of the inversion table gradually, we are in no hurry! That’s how you get started for reducing the back pain. Again, this method won’t give you a permanent relief. Consult a physician for better understanding.

– Inversion Table for Sciatica

The Sciatica is a medical condition where the user experiences pain or discomfort in their sciatic nerve. This nerve is present in the lower back area, and goes down through the legs till the feet.

Inversion Table is one of the best methods for dealing with the Sciatica condition. This exercise helps with reducing the compression in the back portion, which directly affects the sciatic nerve pain. As you start using the inversion table, you will experience decompression of the spine, reduces the pain and finally strengthens the muscles.

– Inversion Table for Herniated Disc

People who are suffering from herniated disc or the slipped disc undergo a very painful time. Surgery options are available, but they do not guarantee you with the results. So, those people can try out the Inversion exercise, and reduce the pain by a good margin.

Inversion table does not actually mean to lie upside down completely. It keeps you in a sloppy kind of position, and with this you can improve the blood circulation too. This helps in removing all the toxin and other chemicals present in the blood. It is recommend to consult a doc for better exercising tips.

– Inversion Table for Neck Pain

The main reason for the neck pain is the compressing of the cervical vertebrae. With this compression, the nerves and the soft tissues are the ones which gets pressed. This creates the pain.

In the inversion process, you can get some space created between the vertebrae. This allows smooth blood flow and spinal fluid to pass through the space formed. This treatment should be taken in a gradual form, while most of the users rush into the process.

Try out the inversion position, and stay in the same position as long as you can. If you find the position uncomfortable, then you can change the position at the same time. Thus do not pressurise your body while trying out this process.

– Inversion Table for Hip Pain

Even though inversion tables are designed for the back pain relief, you can use for curing hip and leg joint pain as well. To start with this, lean on with your back on the inversion table and go until the table gets in the upside down position. (it won’t be that much tilted as you may imagine.)

Now you need to raise your hand and stretch it passing through over your head and place them at the top of your head. You can keep it relaxed towards the ground side too. At the same time, let the heels be stretched towards the ceiling side. You will feel a stretch near the hip and the leg portion. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds.

These are the various ways in which you can make use of Inversion Table for your particular need. There may be many more benefits to be added here, for which you can consult your physician and get all the information.

What does an Inversion Table do for you

Inversion exercise is a technique where your body rests in an upside down position, with the leg and spine stretched. It is practiced for bringing a temporary relief to all suffering from back pain.

Coming to the question- what this inversion table does to you? An inversion table is similar to a narrow board, on which the user rests in an upside down position. By doing so, you could remove the pressure created on the nerve and other body tissues and give relief from the pain. Stretching the spine is one of the effective Inversion exercises for eliminating the back pain issue.

Following are the key benefits which you can achieve with the Inversion treatment:

  • Develop more of the fluids which are necessary for the easy movement between the spinal discs
  • It helps in removing toxins and other waste substances in the spine area
  • Improves the blood circulation
  • Reduces Back Pain and Spinal Health gets highly improved
  • Makes your body more flexible
  • Corrects all the Body Posture flaws

Inversion technique does not provide any permanent solution. It is used for relieving the back pain mainly, that too on a short-term basis. If you are looking for a permanent treatment, then Inversion Table is just not for you.

How to hang upside down without Inversion Table

There are different techniques for hanging upside down, without the Inversion table. One of the key benefits of an inversion table is that, using this you can stay in an upside down position at different angles. Not every buyer could afford this table, as it is expensive compared to other inversion alternatives.

Some of the alternatives which can be tried instead of the Inversion therapy are given as:


Yoga is one of the proven and widely accepted forms of exercise which has got the most health benefits. We can call it as an all in one process, that can benefit almost all the body organ.

They are the best considered in relieving the mental stress. You will find many poses like the peacock pose, handstand, etc. which offers the same benefit as obtained from any standard Inversion table. Yoga is the simplest of all the alternatives and approved one.


You cannot get the complete inversion though with this fitness ball alternative. Still, you can try out different positions which offer the inversion benefits on it and mainly work on the spine stretching part. Lie across the ball, and stretch your body and work on the spines.

By doing so, you can get some relief from back pain, in the same way, you worked out on an Inversion Table.


Here a padded boot is attached around the ankle portion, and they need to be connected to an inversion rack present in your home. You can get almost all the major benefits of an inversion table, by using this Gravity Boot method.

This is the toughest alternative of all, as you require immense practice and strength for hanging in the upside down style with the boots on.

In the end we will recommend to go with the Inversion Table. Fitness ball and the Gravity Boots are not as easy as they may sound! With the inversion table, you can conveniently rest and even make different angles during the inversion.

Inversion does not mean to get the user in a complete upside down position. This is rightly noted on an inversion table, while this point is missed in other alternative methods.

What is an Inversion Table

Inversion Table is the recommended method for trying out the Inversion therapy. In this therapy, the user has to rest in an upside down position and act against the gravity. You are not resting in a complete upside down position, but still, it has got some inversion angle. It is recommended to use this method only if it is convenient for you.

Once you are set on the Inversion Table, you can stretch and handle the pressure on the spine portion. This helps with creating space which lessens the pressure on the nerves and other soft tissues. In this way, you can get some relief from the neck pain or back pain.

In this Inversion therapy, the user has to rest in an inverted form with forming some inverted angle. While the user makes the inversion angle, the user’s leg, ankles, feet rest in the hanging position. This position is known as inversion. You are actually performing spinal decompression or we can say it as a traction of the spine.

You can make use of Gravity Boots, Fitness Ball for achieving the same thing obtained with an inversion table. While there are users who make use of Gravity Boots in their workout session, to make the exercises more challenging.

Those people have medical conditions for heart disease, high blood pressure, or another eye disease like glaucoma, must Not use this Inversion Table. It is a danger for these patients to try the inversion therapy, consult a doctor before trying this therapy.

All the people are trying out the Inversion therapy for the first time, must perform it with the assistance of another person. Once you are on the table, getting off may be difficult for the beginners. So, get your close friend or family member by your side while performing the inversion therapy.

How does an Inversion Table work

If you are facing back pain on the lower portion of the body, then you can try out the Inversion Therapy. For this therapy, there are many options available, and one of them is Inversion Table. But does it work as they mention about the inversion table? We will find out.

You don’t require any heavy boots, or the need to hang upside down uncomfortably. You can opt for any option, but for this, it is important that the user is an athlete and someone who takes serious care about one’s health.

With the Inversion Table, you are making use of gravity in a reverse manner. With this opposing force, you are mainly decompressing the spine. You can even call this process similar to the spinal traction. In a standing position, the gravity creates pressure, and it pulls the spine on the downward side, and it compresses the discs.

During the inversion process, the spine is stretched and this way you can create some space. In this way, the pressure created is reduced. This is exactly how the Inversion table works for the user. Along with the back pain reducer, it can be used for making the muscles stronger.

This therapy even boosts the functioning of the toxin removal department in the body. With so many benefits on the body, you can get the stress reduced by a great extent! Inversion table does not mean that you have to rest in an inversion position, you can opt your suitable angle on this table unlike the other inversion methods.

7 Best Inversion Table Tips and Tricks

First of all, to get the benefits of an Inversion Table, you must know the correct way of using it. Find out your comfort zone on it, and then slowly you can analyze the other tricks and tips to get the process done more effectively.

Following are the Best Inversion Table Tips and other points to keep in mind while getting started! They are given as follows:

1. Make yourself safe, and all set for the Inversion therapy.

You can’t simply sit on the Inversion table and begin with the exercise on it. You will need the right shoes and other accessories set, and then only one must begin the Inversion process. Safety must be the number one consideration on the list.

2. Use the handlebars, and straps provided on either side of the Inversion Table.

You will find handlebars and even the straps for support. You will need them while performing Inversion. Understand the machine completely, and know how to make use of each of the features added. No one knows when you may have to use them badly!

So, know all the functionalities added to a regular Inversion Table before getting started with it.

3. Take a 2 to 3-minute rest in a horizontal position in between the inversion.

This is an optional one, still a good way to start the inversion. Most of the beginners have this confusion regarding when to take the breaks in between the exercise.

That is completely the user’s choice, when you feel the need to take rest, then you can keep the inversion table in a horizontal position and rest for a maximum of 3 minutes in this position.

4. Inversion best suits as an additional exercise with your treatment program. It does not provide a complete relief, but it does reduce the intensity of the pain.

This therapy won’t cure any back pain or neck pain ailment completely. You will have to take a proper medication for that. While you are in the treatment, you can add this Inversion process as an additional session along with the main treatment.

5. Increase the Inversion angle gradually.

For example, an angle of 45 degrees is not possible by day one. Take your time for this and proceed at your pace. You will finally get comfortable with the 45 degrees as well. But it is not possible from day one, so don’t stress your mind and body to get that angle.

6. Consult before you use an Inversion Table, whether you are fit for it or not.

Not all the users can make use of the inversion table. For example; if the user has high blood pressure condition or is a heart patient – then they must avoid using this inversion exercise. One of the main reason is the upside-down condition, that won’t be suitable for some people. Therefore, consult your physician before using this.

7. Keep a journal kind of thing at hand, and make notes of your development.

Make a notebook for writing down the exercise updates and their results experienced by you. This way you could keep an account of the various settings, and know what all things to avoid for the next inversion session.

These are the some of the ways by which you can get the best out of the Inversion Table. Consider the tips given above, all of them have been suggested by experts only. So try one or two of them, and find the difference.

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